In the News: Yahoo Finance

In the News: Yahoo Finance Dealing with million dollar and multi-million ‎dollar income earners is something Harvey and his staff are intimately familiar with. And, the famous song by “Mo Money, MO Problems” is not what Harvey’s accustomed to. Rather…Harvey’s clients: a) make more money, pay in the least amount of taxes legally after taking advantage of tax exemptions, tax exclusions, tax deferrals, tax deductions, and tax credits; b) investing wisely balancing growth and wealth preservation; c) enjoy an abundance of travel and other life experiences with their families; d) readily pay for the highest quality of education for their children; e) give generously to charitable organizations; and f) pass on a huge financial nestegg to their heirs.

Please enjoy the following article where Harvey is quoted on the $1M category ‎”What It’s Really Like to Live on $50K, $300K, and $1M”