In the News: CBS News

In the News: CBS News Harvey was recently quoted by CBS News in an article entitled: Tax Avoidance by the Ultra-Wealthy is Perfectly Legal – CBS New‎s

The very recent New York Times article attacked the Trump family (Fred Trump, the President’s father) for using aggressive tax planning tactics which are, in fact, entirely legal. These techniques, including the Grantor Retained Annuity Trust (“GRAT”) are used regularly by intelligent business owners and wealthy families to legally lower many forms of taxation including income, gift, and estate taxes.

Harvey took a “deep dive” into this subject with a brilliant CBS news reporter and was quoted in the attached article. Once again, lifelong learning, expertise in your given field, and hiring the best and brightest professionals almost guarantees success in business and in life. Enjoy the article, and call the office for help with these and similar matters!

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