In the News: MarketWatch

In the News: MarketWatch  Harvey was recently quoted in a MarketWatch article entitled “Tax and financial adviser to the stars offers 5 down-to-earth money tips.”‎

If you call Harvey an accountant he may be insulted. Why? Because he is no ordinary CPA. He is an elite Financial “Fixer” and is known in the business world and the media as The Tax Wizard & CFO Watchdog and Advisor to the Stars!

Summarizing his 5 tips (read the entire article – it’s Great!) are: 1) Live below your means (no matter who you are); 2) Stay on top or your tax payments; 3) Keep track of the true value of your assets; 4) Protect what you own; and 5) Hire a personal financial watchdog.

Call our office anytime to speak with Harvey regarding the topics included in this article or any other complex tax/financial/business matter – you’ll be glad you did!

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